Health & Safety Policy

CONNECT is dedicated to safeguarding the wellbeing of our customers, staff, and members of the communities where we do business.
We have implemented several steps to support the safety and efficacy of our operations and goods because we believe accidents may be avoided.
CONNECT abides by all applicable health and safety laws. A company goal and everyone's individual and group obligation is to fulfill our commitments.

The primary ways in which we hope to endeavor to fulfill this:

»    Colleagues are given the information and training necessary to carry out their responsibilities to a high standard of health and safety when they work at CONNECT offices, travel to, and attend our events and exhibitions.

»    We work hard to enhance our performance. To ensure that we are running the safest environment possible, we periodically assess compliance against our standards and put performance targets into place.

»    We must all report incidents, accidents, near-misses, and risky behaviors or circumstances using a specific notification method so that we can track health and safety performance and see trends that will enable us to concentrate resources on the greatest dangers. Incidents involving coworkers, CONNECT contractors, clients, and clients' contractors fall within this category.

»    All contractors that operate in our premises or at our events, whether directly for CONNECT or on our behalf, must be qualified in health and safety and adhere to CONNECT's rules and regulations. We will occasionally verify and reevaluate our contractors to make sure the right standards are upheld.

»    To make sure that there are enough safeguards in place for the health and safety of colleagues and contractors, we routinely risk analyze potential threats they may face while at an office location, traveling to or working at a work or event venue, or both.